Custom-Developed Websites VS Ecommerce Websites Builder

Custom-Developed Websites VS Ecommerce Websites Builder

E-commerce websites builder are becoming robust. They are capable of building ecommerce websites that look like they were custom-made and coded by some designer.  Softwareis designed to work differently than how websites used to be made-up traditionally. So, which is the best option? Should users opt for ecommerce websites builder or should they prefer custom-developed websites? Has custom developed sites been replaced by top websites builder? Maybe yes!

Following are some in-depth reasons and current facts to discover more of it.

Current Trends in Ecommerce Market

Gone are the days when only custom developed sites were the bestseller in market. Now, things have changed. The reason behind prevail of ecommerce websites builder is their attributes and attention to latest needs of customers. They are more likely to deliver value out of the box. Whether it’s being responsive or professional ecommerce websites design and a vital SEO, they cover it all for your site. Flexibility in pricing is another reason behind success of Ecommerce platforms.

What People Think Of This Trend?

Those who know the real difference between the two, they know that ecommerce websites templates can never bring the same value as tailor-made. If anything close to what a coder can do takes place, the market will witness it too. Websites made from top websites builder are good for business but cannot get distinction.

Think about it. Why would users wait more and pay more for the same output? Sure, they will be getting more value than you have ever thought of.


Custom Development Is Not lost!

Still, there are many who opt for custom-built websites today. Apart from various positive aspects, Ecommerce websites builder have some corners where they lack too. And these lacking corners are good selling points for custom-built sites. Here is some of it:

Custom Integrations

Today, basic integrations are part of all ecommerce websites builder. Since, they are built for masses; you might want to give a second thought to it. If ecommerce platform has the latest

Software as a Service technology, it can run your website like magic. But, if you’re in airline business, it’s not even an option. This is tricky to understand. For legacy enterprises, advanced custom integrations are required –which unfortunately ecommerce platform is unable to fulfill.


A website is must, but more than that, it’s actually the value, content, branding, and what the website is offering. No matter you used an ecommerce website template or made it on hand-coded HTML, you need to figure out – Is it what the clients want and need? Were you able to offer more value than the cost?

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