Ecommerce Platforms of 2018

Ecommerce Platforms of 2018

The world has come to a point where almost everything has moved online and especially business. The business world has totally evolved because of the use of internet. And because of this, today we have a number of ecommerce platforms that build ecommerce websites for businesses that want to go online.  Now that we have a lot of ecommerce platforms giving good quality services, the level of competition amongst them has increased. So, here we have a summary of three of the very best ecommerce platforms.


Shopify is a platform used by many. It has a lot of users because it is a user friendly platform. Shopify always keeps updating its platform features so your website never gets out dated. It offers a number of designs and templates. You can even purchase premium templates from their store, which have a more professional look. Shopify provides a hosted solution to its users. This does limit your limit of customization, but at least you don’t have to worry about hiring a hosting company to keep your website available at all times. Shopify also gives a payment option to its users. To sum up, it provides you an A-Z ecommerce website solution.


Magento is also a great ecommerce website builder. Many renowned businesses have built their websites through Magento. These businesses include; Liverpool F.C, Burger King, etc. Magento is good at dealing with businesses who make a large number of sales. So if you plan to go big then Magento is the right option. Magento is very flexible and customizable. This is because it is a self hosted solution. Therefore, you can change every aspect of your ecommerce website. However, you will have to pay for the hosting to another company. This means that using Magento might be a bit expensive. Moreover, Magento is not the easiest platform to use. It is complicated to set up and run.


Yokart is another quick and easy platform for your ecommerce website. You can easily open up your online store in no time using their amazing features. It can help you create a multi-vendor store. One of the biggest advantage of using Yokart is that it is multilingual and even accepts multi-currency. You can also manage your online store easily using their built-in analytics tools, payment gateways and other management features. However, if you want to customize your store then things can get a bit complex, and you might have to hire a professional.

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